Hello guys. It’s me, Mr A and I’ve risen from the dead. Well, I’m not dead. I just haven’t bothered publishing the post I saved up in the site. With that, I am here to announce my first event coverage for 2019. No it’s not some Anime convention, which I do have one planned in the future. But it is a student ran event called Computer Research and Engineering Symposium. This is an event created by the students of PUP and from what it seems, it looks like their version her sister SUC’s Y4IT that is yearly held by the people of UP, albeit a bit cheaper, as expected for the lowest cost SUC institution in the country.

From what I see on their website, it is a few days of seminars, workshop and exhibit aimed at students across the country (?). While I am way more suited to be a speaker here than a goer. I am always open to see where the current education, particular the IT and Science sector are. Are they giving the students up to date knowledge, are the system and approach they use are aligned with the industry standard we have. In addition, what kind of research are we seeing with the current “post-millennial” generation entering the workforce.

Anyhoo~ I decided to attend their Wednesday and Saturday talks. The weekday event is because I choose a seminar for “Web Development Skillset” and the other is “Cloud AutoML by Google” the latter would likely deal with Machine learning and their various services that encompasses their ML stack. I’m more interested on former but curious on the latter. I’m I want to see what tools are being used in the web from the eyes of the academe.

So, I think the seminars are almost full. I would suggest to just drop by their exhibit on the weekend. I am not sure what they will be showing, but I hope it’s not agri research, if it is, I hope something that involves computers or cloud integration.

The event will kickoff on February 6 – 9, 2019 at the PUP Main campus in Sta. Mesa manila and Taguig. You can check their FB Page for more info.