Otaku Asia is an Anime magazine, a print one in fact that print anything related to anime. They also held an Anime Event called OFiesta and was set up to compete with the other Anime Magazine, Ozine, bode in their Facebook page a farewell as their publisher, PSICOM discontinued its run.

I am surprised it took this long for them to fold. Magazines – the paper ones – are a dead format and anyone who still thinks that it is relevant today is insane. The kids and teens, who are your typical target for these don’t even know what magazines are, while the people who know take their anime fix through social media and news agencies that are reachable through the internet. Running an anime magazine these days is the equivalent of throwing money in the trash.

With them gone, this leaves the Ozine being the only surviving anime magazine in existence. Heck, I’m not sure if they’re still making one. Whenever I happen to come across National they’re normally back issues, and they’re in a state of decay. Besides, who wants to read outdated info, and feature anime that are long since ended?

While it is indeed unfortunate that the writers and the people behind the magazine are out of a job. It is perhaps time to move on and maybe do something more “modern” that will showcase their talent in the field they love. A WordPress site isn’t that hard to set up.

Photo: Taken from their farewell post