Here I thought it was some Zombie survival show but with cutesy girls, since that’s what the anime industry is going these days. Nope, I got a zombie idol show. Not sure if it has any commentary meaning into it, but the show made me chuckle through the episode. I think it was like that other idol show that aired last season about sex changed yakuzas, but this time it is zombies. They also twist the expectation from your sugar idol songs into death metal. That unexpected factor made me enjoy the show a lot. Adding the fact that the main cast is composed of different “idols” of their era. This pique my interest on how they will all interact with each other. We’ll see.

Overall I was pizza but gave me a burger, and I ate it without regrets. The first episode managed to get my interest pumping and with how it managed to keep its surprises in check. I’m looking forward if they can keep the momentum of the show going until the end of the season.