If you grew up in the 90s and watch IBC or weekday afternoons in ABS, then you would probably know Ultraman. That kids show where a supposed robotic man in a suit fight a reptilian mascot in a miniature city? Well, this is a collaboration between Trigger, who had brought you Darling of the FraXXX and Kill la Kill, and the people behind those series. It is a reimaging of their old classic franchise in anime form, and the first episode nailed it.

I never grew up as a tokusatsu or sentai fan so everything that relates to that just past by me. But story wise they manage to bring me into the world. As I had mentioned many times before, that I like it when the story pulls you through the story like you are part of it. So that will either show you through visual without any exposition and let the viewers piece together the story for themselves. Or they put you in the side, like an overhearing character that pieces the tale through the interactions of the characters banter. This one is the latter, it reminds me of this of the Monogatari series, but without it excess. I also like who they build the tension, and their choice of using no music from the start, as to direct the viewer to the world and the foreshadowing with the giant monster looming on the horizon. Then when the action starts, they drop this awesome preppy music that if I were a kid again, it would make me stand up and act out the scenes in front of the tv. It is amusing indeed.

All in all, I don’t have any mecha series in my lineup this season, and while it technically isn’t, it is for me. Finally, I have an Anime from trigger that I may like at last.