It makes me wish that Cheer Dashi would’ve been the Anime of the Season if some capable studio would make it. Watching this show made that all truer.

The show is already oozing with atmosphere from the start. Aside from the quality grade scenic shots, which will make me want to visit that particular town. The characters are already endearing without the exposition dump. Like I tell you many times, I like showing rather telling. Our MC is mysterious, but I bet he had some sombre or dark past that he will be revealed later, as with every character that is already a pro in his craft. Their “leader” is cheering but has that endearing charisma that slowly burns to you. The other characters have their exciting moments. My favourite is already the twins since I already have doujin ready for them.

Anyway, this isn’t your typical sports show. It is not in the vein of Major, Ace in the Diamond, where the story is the sports. This show is more in the line of Cross Game, Moshidora, or Giant Killing where characters are the focus and the competition is the medium to tell the story. In this case, it will be the track and field, and how our MC and the leader, together with the rag-tag team of dormies journey to getting the region’s most prized track-and-field award.

Overall, the quality and attention are there. I also like the touch of Haikyuu art direction thrown into it. It is not a coincidence that the people behind Hakiyuu are in it. But given the kind of story it is and the success of the team with Haikyuu, they seem to be the right fit for the show to adapt it.