This one is weird if you look what’s behind this series. The series itself isn’t a Japanese original. It was initially a French manga that got published in Japan and now had an anime. This series seemed to have pulled a lot of troupes with the old 90s shounen storytelling, and I don’t know if its any good. It has the One Piece “grand adventure” vibe in it, but it is also one of those slow-burn anime that you would have to sit through a lot of bland episodes and get an appreciation with the amount of investment you already made. It is one of the foundations why people still stick through Naruto, One Piece and Detective Conan through all these years. You’ve come this far, why not?

As for the Anime, it started formulaic with our trippy protagonist with zero magic abilities but has a natural talent of the sort, and this whole notion of unwantedness by society looming around him and his guardian scream Naturo to me. Then put the supernatural element, and the looming grand adventure feels to be a mixup of One Piece and Fairy Tail for some reason. I’m going to guess, later on, it might get darker and add a dash of Full Metal Alchemist in the mix.

The thing is, I am not mad. It may not catch me by surprise, but it did not make me feel like I’m am being ripped off. There is this sincerity in the overall story that it is not offending me. Maybe it is the MC shota; I don’t know. But he didn’t come out as annoying or insufferable as with other shounen characters of late. Besides, it has been a while since I have watched a through-and-through shounen story. Planet With is shounen, but it is not your typical shounen, so it doesn’t count.

Overall, the first episode didn’t bring me anything new to the table. But I wasn’t repulsed to reject it. I’m going to give this one a chance and see where this will go. If a french guy manages to get an anime of his series, then there must be something here, right?