I am an avid reader of the Manga, so I already know what I am going to expect. These are one of those edgy, grimdark fantasy stories that I like. Similar to why I love Grimgar for its harsh reality setting with its cast of characters. Goblin Slayer never goes for the “fun” adventure vibe. The opening may give you a false sense of that, but it is like Madoka, that it is just there to bait you. Like how the Goblins bait those poor rookies into their death. In any case, they deserve it. That smug swordsman just wanted to impress the girls, but he got was a good beating.

If you haven’t noticed, Goblin Slayer is a dark fantasy story about a bloke who has intense feelings for goblins. What makes this show appealing is the bleak atmosphere of destruction and death to a world where everything can kill you if you don’t look after yourself. If this were a game, it would be Dark Souls. It’s bleak and punishing if you screw up, the world will punish you dearly. I find it healthy to have a dose of reality and have something that reminds me that its a dog eat dog world. I can get overloaded with cutesy stuff too.

Overall, the presentation is fantastic. I know many people will be turned off by the rape, and there will be certainly more of that in store but aren’t overused so as not to make it pretentious. Since I’ve read the manga, I already know what I am expecting, so I’m not all that hype about it. Still, I find this show entertaining to keep watching.