It has been a while since I have watched a pure-blooded Yaoi story in a while. While I like Hitirojime My Hero, is Yaoi by genre. I haven’t watched a show that cut in the same vein as JunJou Romantica or Sekai Ichi, which aired ages ago.

Anyway, the first act didn’t woo me into the story, since I am not a fan of exposition dump. Our MC is a primadonna actor that got way too much bright in his smug face, finally gets his match with this up-and-coming super start which, as all yaoi genre’s work, swept him off his feet and proposes his love to him in ways that would wish Kevin Spacey would’ve dreamed off.

While I have nothing to say when it comes to the production side of things. Character dynamics are what carry this show’s life. While the two are interesting enough and their banter is nothing to write home about (typical BL shenanigans). I want to point out this weird seme-uke twist they have, while our MC would have the trappings of a seme, with his demeanour and bossy attitude. He is the uke in the role, while our supposed uke has a dominating personality in bed. I like that layered approach and something that I never see outside the doujin space. I want to point it out since I am kind of in that situation *wink* *wink*

Overall, typical Yaoi shit. I like how they played their seme-uke roles, and the characters aren’t insufferable like most of the other usual BL shows I’ve watched.