Otaku Musika Festival: As I Expected

Otaku Musika Festival: As I Expected

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  • Posted On September 24th 2018

With the recently concluded Otaku Musika Festival, I hope that Naruto Cosplayer's and Red Cloud Entertainment put together another event like this shortly.

Otaku Musika Festival is Naruto Cosplay’s latest foray into specifically targeted events. These are events that aim a specific niche of the otaku sphere. In this case, it is the music aspect of the otaku music. On this event, that will be bands and idols these time around. The day I covered is day 1, which makes was the event’s battle of the bands’ part. Bands, amateur and professionals showcase their talent in front of a well-ventilated food court at an unusual location in Pasig called Tendesitias. A shopping complex built in 2005 that supposed to showcase Fillipiniana architecture and aesthetics. But today it is more of you typical spread-out shopping centre and call centre hub. With various buildings and your general entertainment around the venue. The only “otaku” event that happened in the area was the 2008’s Hataw Hanep Hero held in the then Silver City Mall, now as call centre hub.

It Was A Spiritual Successor To Otaku Summer Jam

Events like these aren’t exactly new but are uncommon. In my 12 years or so covering the event scene, there are only two events that did this kind of gig. One was in 2011 to which I forgot the name, but it was held at the CAP theatre building and organised by the same people who made Henshincon.  The other is Otaku Summar slam held at the B-Side in Makati and L5R productions. I have no records of them doing that event after that, but Naruto Cosplayer’s David Angelo hosted that event, and It perhaps got him the idea to do his version of the gig.

The Event Venue Was Perfect!

As I had mentioned, Otaku Musika Festival held at Tiendesitas in Pasig. To be specific, it was held at their food village on the second floor. It was an open area food park that targeted as a social spot for social drinkers who wants to remove themselves from the stress of the week. The Food catered for beer drinkers, composed of grilled meat and a selection of finger food to stave off the hunger while enjoying the ambience of music played. Fortunately/Unfortunately for the weekend, it will be commandeered by people who like listening to Japanese songs. I am guessing that the patrons of the area are “amused” by the odd spectacle of people participating in the event.

Going for the aspect of the event proper, I can ideally say that the event was a perfect venue. Ample open space, there is affordable food available, albeit it catered to the adult crowd. There are tables and chairs to place your things. Adequate security and it is well-ventilated. Even at high noon, it never felt like a sauna. I’m very impressed with the place. I couldn’t ask for a perfect location if a theatre is not an option. At least with the amenities surrounding the area, you have a lot of things to do while you wait for your desired event.

Battle of the Bands

Unlike my previous partner who roams around the metro covering events. I don’t find myself doing what he does. I’m not as young as I used to and I have other priorities to prioritised. But I always take an effort to cover anime bands whenever possible as long as it is convenient for me, since this event is very suitable for me, albeit having to churn through the terrible, terrible traffic of the Ortigas extension. It makes it worth the effort of doing so.

Day 1 of Otaku Musika centred around the bands. Fortunately, there are a lot of bands that participated in the event. Something that I’m glad that there’s one aspect in the otaku fandom that remained strong. I’m thankful that NCPH put this event to serve this niche, while major events shifted to income generating activities. 19 bands participated in the event, the most I have seen so far to participate in an event. In my repository, I count 17 bands that performed. It was a good turn out, and they all delivered without any problems.

As for the performance themselves, it is a mixed bag.  It was a competition after all. While no one flat out sucked. A chunk of the performances is poorly mixed. Either the instruments are so loud, or the vocalist is too shy to sing in front of the crowd it wasn’t that clear at the time. My new partner, who is a singing aficionado thought that it was just poor mic handling, but it wasn’t the case when the special performances performed. Then there’s the creme-de-la-creme, the winner the Queen manages to snatch the crowd with its impeccable performance which made my non-anime partner wet his panties. They’re just that good.

Sidenote: while I am not a fan of requiring the band to sing one OPM song in their line-up. I’m guessing not to alienate the non-anime patrons of the event. But it did help showcase the creativity of some of the bands as I already posted this site’s page.


As an aficionado of Japanese Music, Otaku Musika delivered the expectations I have. As a customer, I am pleased with what I had witnessed and experienced. Besides the expected overtime, I hope that Naruto Cosplayer’s and Red Cloud Entertainment put together another Otaku Musika shortly. While big events move on, let us not forget that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy events. It is sometimes more enjoyable to be around with people who poured their talents into appreciating their love for the Otaku culture. Sometimes, happiness can’t all be bought with just money.