If you have noticed, I stopped midway writing the Summer First Impressions when it was starting last month. I had Planet With impressions done and loaded some of the other anime that was airing at the time.

Then something a happened that I had to stop what I do.

You see, my aunt, who is like my second mother passed away recently and, it left us devastated as a family. Through most of July, my family stayed in the hospital fighting for my aunt’s dear life. But in the end, my aunt who was single and had dedicated her life to us – whom her nephews and nieces – gave herself to the lord and it is hard for my family and for me to take the loss. It is the first time that we experience loss of a loved one. One that is near and dear to us, close to us, that it shook our very cores as a family. I am particularly close to my aunt as she was taken as her favourite. She bought all the clothes I wear; she attended half of my school affairs and field trips during my younger years. Heck,¬† I remember sleeping in her side when I was scared when I watched a horror¬†show on tv. She spoiled me, and it hurts a lot for me more than most to see her suffer in her last days.

Anyway, I don’t want to expound on the drama-lama story about lost and all. It is something that I want to keep to myself. But it is something that all of us to undergo at one point in life or another. Accepting that life will end and to us people who will be left behind to do what is best to make sure that we make the best use of the time we had with our loved one. I am not sure myself if I serviced my aunt enough to give back to all the right things she has done to me. I do hope that anyone who is reading this would do their best to on their half as well. In the long run, I still have my Mother and father who are on the cusp of mortality and hope that their time here on earth is best given with good memories of us as a family.

As of now, the operations of this blog will return to normal. Sporadic posting schedules will resume as well some odd tidbit insights here, and there will be posted. As for the podcast, my desktop is down. I didn’t get around buying a replacement motherboard, but I will eventually get it fixed within a few weeks. My porn stash is in there, and I need them from time to time.