Drop your panties, everyone; this here is the anime of the century! I’ve never been this stoke for an Anime since Ginga E Kickoff. What these series represent is the culmination of years of hoping that one of Manga’s most celebrated authors finally getting a spot in the Anime silver screen.

You can compare this to Leonardo Di Carpio finally winning the Oscar he deserves.

Planet With is an Oringal anime, but that is not what is essential. What is important is that it is created by no other than the Author of one most beloved story that ever graced the world of Manga besides Hunter X Hunter, Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer. He also made Spirit Circle which is another of his blockbuster hits in the manga sphere. This author is revered in the Manga community that anyone who reads manga jumped in joy when he finally got the anime break he deserves. While he didn’t get power to adopt a series –  I am guessing it may perhaps be a deliberate choice – he went to make a story just for an anime.  What is more interesting is that there he is also doing a Manga version of the anime. So not only he is responsible for making the entire story and is on-staff in the Anime, but he is also busy drawing it for publishing. It is incredible at the same time worrying about how he manages all of these. But what makes him stand out is that he is a methodical person, where he writes his story from start to finish before laying down the art. His works are lean, and it carries you to the story in a roller coaster.

But enough praise for the author. As for that anime, it reeks the authors signature quirks in storytelling. The slow open of a mundane everyday event, then followed by showing a general conflict then when you think it is generic, it will pull a 180 on you and surprises you with a twist in the story. Here, we were assuming our MC will join the power ranger group, but instead, he is the “villain of the week” that will target there “heroes” into submission. That is a classic turn for the author and fans of his work would jump in a cheer for it.

Ugh, I’m praising him again. My fan juices are showing.

In any case, the art itself is okay. I am glad that the MC is a young boy and not female, a good thing since half of the season is catered to the Type B crowd. The mech designs are unique. Cat-inspired cutesiness is entirely in the author’s MO. The artwork may not scream Lucifer or Spirit, but the DNA is there. I love some bit of cameo of Samidare in there.

Overall, my AOTS is between this and Banana Fish. I’ve already pegged this two for weekly must-haves, and both are surely not to disappoint. I am very confident of the author’s chops. He WILL deliver on this. He surely is.

Note: This article was already written a couple of months ago. I wasn’t able to release it on time because I had a family emergency at the time. You can read more about that here.