The first ever Manila Idol¬†matsuri just released more info with regards to their program. In their Facebook page, they listed the numerous indie idols and cover idols that is available to perform at the events. Some of them, are Aidou Soeai – whom I saw their performance at this year’s Ozine Fest 2018. There is also Pastel Mix, who I am not sure are but I’m getting some buzz with them not too long ago. There is also that longtime idol cover band, Seishun Kakumei whose performances are notable in the past. I even have a video of their past performance to give an insight (see below).¬† Then there are other idol groups that I never heard so I’ll list them here: JAPHDOLLS, Ivy! Musume, Y-Aidou, CH4U, Twinkle, AOS, Poly-V, Alice Project, Project Urocila and Next Bomb. Again, I have no idea who they are so best to search on Facebook pages to have an opinion. I heard there is some drama-lama stuff with some of the groups, but that is up to the pundits who cover these things to unravel.

As for the event proper, if we base on the poster, it is clear that it will follow a concert structure. So think of it like the AniSong from AFA where various artist performs in one event. But this time it will be our homebrew idols be performing on stage. So don’t expect cosplay events or an anime merchant booth like your other conventions. They do, however, have an area for Idols groups to sell their merchandise. Apart from the ticket shares (if they have one), buying merch from your oshi would help these group to encourage their members to be better.

They also released their ticket price. They have an early bird promo for 400 pesos, and that will be available on July 10-13. After that, the door price will go up to 500 on the event itself.  There is no indication if there is some form of seat reservation or such. That would be nice, but I take it will be a headache for the organisers to do it given their resources.

Last but not the least, there is no mention if the famed group that started this craze, MNL48, would be gracing the event. It would be a favourable venue for them to do some marketing but on the other side, they don’t need to it. They can always have an event of their own and charge money for them to keep. But being on this event look like they are supporting the cause of exposing the people on the Idol trend, something that will benefit the MNL group in the long run. They did mention that the line-up of the guest may change, so we’ll have to wait and see it.

That is it for now. I’m still on the fence on this one if I decided to attend. After all, it is in Makati, and one thing I hate most besides going to Pasay is Makati. We’ll just wait and see.