Another great hit for the Summer Season, Chio’s School Road is about one thing and one thing only, our MC’s antics in going to school without being late. It is a hit manga that I did check but unfortunately am not that enthusiastic then, and the anime did not catch my taste now.

I find the premise fitting for a 4-Koma format or a short in anime, but I don’t see the show funny, and the execution of the joke stretches way too long in my taste.  It also didn’t help that the Anime lack the punch it has from the Manga, where mundane moments are drawn like the devil king will unleash its devastating blow.

I admit I have Saiki in my system and I always have high regard in how it was executed and the fast straight punches in the comedy make me laugh 73{96f0fd810055ba879c1309b3d9e0fa3c441cd099af78c30d9e98b90c61948f13} of the time.

Anyway, it should be fun to some folks and I respect that. So yeah, it is an acquired taste.