Banana Fish First Impression

Banana Fish First Impression

  • Mr A
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  • Posted On July 7th 2018

Two teenagers got themselves into a world of drugs, sex, violence and paedophilia. A grand story that is told in a genre no one expects.

Don’t let the title fool you. This show is not your typical high school rom-com shit here. In fact, it isn’t about high school. It is more about gangs, paedophile and drugs. How could such a cutesy title get this dark?

Welp, because its the 80s man. Well, the source material that is. This series is adapted from an 80s Manga from the same name. It may not look like it with all the cellphones and all, but it does scream old school from the visual style. Besides, we should bury that horrible 80s fashion and looks. That’s a fever dream that should go away for good.

Then you can also see the theme here. It’s an odd one, perhaps one of the two kinds of stories that you wouldn’t see in this kind of genre. Published in a Shoujo magazine, it tackles themes of sex, rape, violence and even paedophilia of all things! This thing here is a show that will never get the light of day given the circumstances we have now, but for some specific reason, we got it. It also helps that it is out for NoitaminA who has a penchant or getting complex stories to air on their network. They have their ups and down and they haven’t been with their old self for a long time. At least we have this, and it sure will trigger the fancy of many folks, particular with the Western crowd being set in New York and all.

As for the story, it is about an American street leader with dashing looks, and a Japanese boy with a chip on his shoulder got themselves mixed up with some game-changing drug that everyone got their panties wet, and by everyone it means everyone. The story is pretty wild even from the first chapter. You can immediately tell that the author knows damn well what she is doing and has a clear-cut agenda to tell to its audience.

I have high hopes for this. I am also reading the Manga, and it is a page-turner. I never felt like this since Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer. It is a rich world painted with a stroke you’ve never seen. The other manga that is different is 7 Seeds, who is another story it tells a grand tale way above its genre. I am glad that we I got myself involved in having to see this, and now that it is a 24 episode series, I am stoked to what the new adaptation will change to make it unique to itself.