If you live in Pasay, tune your radio to 107.1. You might be surprised to here anime songs and some occasional swearing.

What you are hearing is a pirate radio station, Raydo Kontra Weeaboo. An ironic name for a station that blasts anime songs. It is a pirate station in a sense that it does not have any permission from the government to broadcast in the said frequency. That means if they are caught, there will be consequences.

Anyway, there isn’t much to say about the station itself. It broadcast anime songs, and it spouts expletives using soundbites from our dear president. You can hear it somewhere in Pasay; it seems since that is where most of the people who verified heard it. I tried tuning it here in Cainta, and I only heard static. It appears that the broadcast isn’t powerful enough. Expected for homebrew stations.

If you are not in Pasay, you can still join the fun by going to their internet stream. As of this posting, it is offline. Their history says that their last broadcast was yesterday so they may return anytime soon unless NTC caught the wind and are on the manhunt.