Tomodachi Game

Tomodachi Game

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  • Posted On June 8th 2018

Who says money can't buy you, friends?

I haven’t reviewed a manga in a while, so I figured since I don’t have anything to write about, how about I tell you, my dear readers, about some of the mangas I’ve been reading. I’m going to structure it a bit to make it of comfortable reading.

What Is it About

A group of friends got tangled up in a mess then got kidnapped and forced to participate in a “game.” Where you gamble your way into leaving but at the cost of losing the very thing that makes them stick together: their friendship.

What is Good About It

It plays on the theme of “deathmatches” where our characters are subject in a series of games. While most stories go about it by either solving puzzles into straight-up fighting each other to win. I have other titles that fit in that genres: Tenpuu Shippan, Darwin’s Game, Kami Sama no Oturi, and Real Account are some of the ones I’m currently reading or had read that fits into those categories. But this one tackles it in a manner that is different that I can not put it in the same vein as I have mentioned.

It is not a violent game. The crux of what makes it shines is the simplicity of the game, but the focus is not on the games themselves, it is more about the characters in the game. The games are where the mechanics play into the dynamic of the characters. It is more about outwitting your opponents and deconstructing them in a way that it peels the layers of their personality to reveal they’re true selves. Once you get into their persona and work around it, you win the game. Our characters are a dynamic bunch of teenagers with their own set of imperfections. Centred around it is our main protagonist who uses their fault to his or their advantage, and goes about to their opponents as well. The first few arcs of the manga deal mainly about our gang and peeling away their faults through the games. Then the latter half, where they play the “adult” game, where they deal with people whose life purpose is to manipulate people to their advantage. The way the series execute the “twist” fascinates me, mainly because it is something that you can apply in real life. It makes me think of faces behind the mask, what people say behind what they say. It is also perhaps the reason why I don’t deal with the BS and fluffery of societal norms. I don’t play to their tune. Hence, you don’t see me sprout their words; therefore, I tell you what they mean.

Would I Recommend It

Absolutely. I may have a penchant for gore, but I certainly want something of a change in the genre. I find Tomodachi game unique in its way. It relies more on mentally breaking people rather than killing them. Death is such a common thing in these genres that it loses it meaning. If you love these kinds of things, I give this a right thumbs up. I wish it gets an Anime adaptation in my lifetime. Battle royale genre isn’t picking up yet, so we have to wait for someone to jump-start the bandwagon. But they did have a TV mini-series so an anime adaptation shouldn’t take that long, I hope.