A series that I never thought of having a sequel just got one. In an announcement in its official Anime website, the Morose Mononokean will be getting another season. Same studio, Pierrot Plus, will still animate the show, but a new director will be at the helm who did this Spring 2018 series, Magical Girl Ore. An original series composition will also be taking over, who had a connection for doing Highschool DxD, Ikki Tousen and Your Lie in April.

Besides those, the main cast of characters and their respective VAs will still be reprising their roles for the show.

No mention when will the show will air.

I did watch this show when it aired for the Summer of 2016, and it served as a stop-gap series before the next season of Natsume’s Book of Friends’ showing next season. While it does share a theme of some male bloke hanging around in the spirit world, the overall series isn’t as memorable as its more stronger cousin, Natsume. But since its more better cousin burned through all of its source material. We have to put up with this lesser quality series until we get another Natsume. On a positive side, we will have a new Natsume movie this coming season, so there’s that. Oh and please, don’t pick this up Odex. I don’t want to pay your ridiculously expensive special screening unless you offer a vanilla ticket tier. I don’t give a shit on your swag offerings. Give me an option where I can watch the damn show without having to carry stuff that I don’t need nor want.

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