Last Sunday I went with my partner to visit Pinoy Otaku Festival. It is an Otaku event hosted by the folks at Naruto Cosplayer’s Philippines. These folks have been doing this nearly half a decade; it manages to draw a decent crowd. Well, why wouldn’t they, it free after all. It is not your traditional pay to see events like Ozine fest. It is one of those mall activities you know when you visit a mall.  That mall, in particular, is the Ayala Fairview Terraces. If the name of the place doesn’t spell it for you, it is in Fairview at Novaliches. A place that I never think of going if it weren’t for this event.

Sad to say, I don’t think I will be returning here again.

This post isn’t exactly a review. Calling as such would be unfair to the organisers. Most of my complaints are personal, and it ties more to what I need for the event and my expectation of it. As such, the only reason why I am there and paid almost one thousand pesos worth of Grab fare is to record some bands and singers in the mix. I didn’t get that. When I got there, it was already they were doing their auction – which by the way, actually is a legit auction, not some cash grab excuse like some other organisers do. Then followed by their Cosplay Idol, their creme de la cream cosplay competition for the event. I am not interested in it and never bothered recording it. The judges are also blocking my view anyway so I can never get decent footage out of it, so yeah, I’m just going to sit there and crap my legs for nothing.

I left the stage. The hell I’m not going to sit through their entire program and bother waiting for an idol event to appear on stage in the evening. Nor I go and wait for the World Cosplay representatives to show up on stage to do some inspiring speech. There’s already a bloke covering them anyway like a kid desperate for their parent’s affection. I’m sure they are going to do their best to represent the country in the battles in Nagoya. I’ll watch them like how I’ve been watching WCS since before our nation came to participate in the events.

To wrap this up, as far as I looked at the event and how it got managed, I can say that they did it competently. My opinions on the event and their cause did not change when I went there. They are doing a good cause, and it is there for people wanting to get a break into the community. NCPH has been one of the groups that welcome newcomers without malice and judgement. I tip my hat to them, and to David D’Angelo for managing the group amidst everything that happened to him. It surely is a group that is worthy to be his child. But despite that, unless they are going to hold the event somewhere accessible for me, don’t expect me to go to their event again.