After my disappointing coverage of their Pinoy Otaku Festival, which isn’t a fault of their own. They finally have an event that is actually near my area. What is more, it is what I exactly want to cover.

Typically announcement like these is followed up with “We don’t have details at the moment, and we’ll inform you once we got them” spiel and press the publish button. But no, the people from Red Cloud Interactive (which I would assume the event wing of the NCPH), release a ton of information that makes those pro-level organisers feels like amateurs. Of course, the risk involved in these aren’t exactly that high and most of what is released is mainly in-house segments that shouldn’t produce any friction. Unlike Guest Con, er, Toy Con where there are a lot of moving parts involved, which makes it harder for them to set their schedules in stone.

Anyhoo~ their event will span for two days both will be on the Tiendesitas grounds, which is in Pasig. It was also the venue of the 2008 Hataw Hanep Hero convention, which as held in the Silver City. Not precisely Tiendecitas but it is inside their grounds. As the name already suggests, it is a music-centric event.  There will be your typical Anime singing and Battle of the Bands, both of which I am excited to watch and record. Then they have these “gimmick” events like the Anime lip-sync contest, the ULTIMATE singing Idol to name a few. They also have a Cosplay Competition, Dance competition and a Rave party. Something that they also did in Fairview. The event is packed and being able to get all of these figured out and be brought in the announcement is worthy of praise. My interest lies in their First Day, so it is kind of them that I don’t have to attend both days to get what I want. It also helps that the Battle of the Bands will in the evening. While I usually am irked about it, but since it is not that far from home, I don’t mind. Heck, I don’t even need to Grab my way there. I can hop on my bike to get there. But I probably won’t since I have a lot of stuff that I need to bring with me. Anyway, not a problem for my readers to worry.

Oh one last thing, this event is FREE. You can invite your friends and not worry about having to shoulder their expense, at least on the ticket price. I’m starting to think that NCPH is now on that level to compete with the level of Ozine’s off-season events like the Otaku Expo. The quality is there, the only thing that makes it different is that you have to pay for it to enjoy it. Not sure why Greenhills want to have this on their area though. It is not the foot traffic that they want. But then again, maybe times had changed and people today have more spending power than they’re used to.

Source: Facebook Event’s Page