I’m back again rambling on whatever happens to come to my mind. I decided to make away with the English the only approach since it hinders my natural way of talking. That’s just not me, and I am not here to please people just for the sake of it. In any case, I improve on the audio quality further since I bought myself a condenser microphone. I did some audio processing to improve on it also, and I say, I am delighted with the result.

Here is what I talked about

  • Getting Fiber in my house
  • A brief rundown on the Games this E3
  • Talked a bit on my disappointing experience in Pinoy Otaku Festival
  • Why I don’t care about Guest, er, Toy Con anymore
  • Microsoft Buys GitHub and why it isn’t a bad thing for developers

The next podcast will come out sooner. I’ll be talking about the Idol scene, not exactly the players but more looking toward the bigger picture.