We have an unexpected event popping up this year.  AniFes, whom I am still establishing their origin, just announced in their FB account that Japanese performer Mika Kobayashi, who did some insert songs for Aldnoah and Attack on Titan, would perform at the event on August 11.

That is it, the only thing that is released so far besides the date (August 11-12, 2018), the activities (nothing unique about their line up) and venue (SMX Manila).

People are also sceptical about the legitimacy of the event, given that announcement came two months ahead of their event date, and having a Japanese artist of notable quality is mentioned puts caution on the eyes of the people tuning in. Something that you don’t see in a new event.  So I am also sceptical on myself on what to say about them at this moment.

On the other hand, they do have reservations for Function Room’s two and three of SMX, so it does exist. However, Mika Kobayashi’s FB account has no mention of the said event, which is odd considering that guest performer and event organisers tend to announce reveals in unison. These are usually done so that one doesn’t preempt the other, typically. There are cases that it is up to the organiser to do it, but common trend goes to former.

I posted a comment and sent a pm to their FB page in hopes to answer some of my questions. I’ll update this page or write a new one if needed. I am not decided if I will check this event out. It’s in MoA, so that is already a big minus to me. But if it has the battle of the bands or another interesting racket it has in store, then it may be worth the pain of going.

Sources: Anifes FB Page, Mika Kobayashi’s Page