The idol fever is here. Besides the announcement of the Anime Idol Convention, comes another event that caters to the similar demand for the ever budding Idol scene in the country (or Metro Manila at least).

The 1st Manila Idol Matsuri (to be held on September 2), where weeaboos would know that Matsuri means festival in this context. It will be indeed the first one to happen alright, since AIC will be in January of next year, and this event will be followed with the Otaku Musica, which may not be a dedicated Idol convention, but does contain idol element so to speak.

But unlike Otaku Musica, this is where I will tell you, my readers, that information regarding the event will be announced at a later date. Besides the time, it will be in TIU Theater in Makati. Managed by Create Image Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization that dedicated itself in uplifting the youth of the capital’s improvised areas: Payatas and Smokey Mountain. The theatre was founded by them to promote the talents of these youth living in the said areas for many to watch and see.

CIF is a Japanese NPO, founded by Toshihiko Uriu, who is a Journalist that happens to cover these impoverished areas and decided to provide them with the leverage to lift these people out of poverty.

Anyhoo~ that’s the only info we have. The event page owner appears to have removed some of the details that I last saw. There is no longer a mention of their Media Partner, and my inquiry about their organiser got deleted for some reason. Let’s leave it to that. I’ll monitor the page for any development they bring.

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