Shounen Jump’s top ranking mystery, thriller manga the Promise Neverland has just announced in its latest issue that they will be having its Anime adaptation slated for the Winter 2019 season. Published by AniPlex and will be showing in FujiTv’s NoitaminaA block. The same timeslot that brought us classics like Guilty Crown, Black Rock Shooter and Fractale to name a few. But giving you these Anime would make it look like that they are showing shit anime. So I’ll mention better titles like Bunny Drop, Kids on the Slope and Silver Spoon. You probably never heard of these anime but that’s the point of that. They air shows that regular TV stations wouldn’t bother airing.

Anyway, no mention on which studio will be adapting the show for now. As far as the promotional is concerned, they are at the stage of planning and gathering interested parties to make this show possible, or that they manage to ink the deal and just started doing it just as it was finalised. But they have their website up with a simple teaser and some artwork taken from the manga. Since we still in the spring season, we should be able to get new info about this project around the Summer or Autumn at most.

I’m also not surprised that are having an adaption since this is one of Shounen Jumps highest selling series. Well, not as high as One Piece. But it did managed to sell 1.5 million copies in Japan. You kind of get a fresh IP that is selling well will eventually have an Anime Adaptation by the time it hits 100 chapters.  Hero Academy, another high ranking Jump series got its anime adaptation before it runs its 100th chapter. You don’t get surprised; you expect it to happen.

As for what this series is about, it’s about a group of kids living in an orphanage that eventually discovered the reason why they exist and why there were there in the first place. If I were to compare the series, it would be this generation’s Death Note. Its dark, it has an alluring mystery that hooks the viewer, and it features smart and likeable characters. I wrote this post because I am following this series and I want to mention to my readers how good this manga is. I wouldn’t be surprised that it will gain a sizable following and perhaps seeing cosplays of the characters in the foreseeable future.

Source: Crunchyroll, Website

* Photos used are taken from Shounen Jump’s Issue 26 covers.