Premium AniPlus Anime Channel Goes To Digital TV

Premium AniPlus Anime Channel Goes To Digital TV

  • Mr A
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  • Posted On May 27th 2018

AniPlus just got more accessible, at least in Metro Manila and for cord-cutters like me. For 999/year you can get this Premium channel plus others.

Telered Technologies & Services Corporation has just announced last week a new foray into the budding premium digital television market a new “digital box” that offers “top-notched” channels that you would typically find on a cable subscription.

Named, the EasyTV Super Digibox. It has over numerous channels, like most Solar channels, Korean, Bollywood and then some. But the crux of it is that they are also offering a premium Anime channel AniPlus on their line-up of encrypted channels. Yep, that Singapore based Anime channel that is making waves in south-east Asia will now be more accessible to masses. You are no longer limited to subscribing to Sky Cable and paying 100 pesos (if you are a Select subscriber) to have access to the latest and greatest anime Cable tv could provide. Besides that, you can also access AniPlus channel on a streaming service TribeTV, but that will cease this May of what we discussed. From the looks of it, AniPlus TV a syndicated channel by Solar from what it appears. Although I am not sure if I am using Syndication in the manner, it is intended. But what I am saying is that Solar seems to have the right to broadcast AniPlus in the country. Don’t quote me on that part and please leave a comment below if its otherwise.

As for the Digital box, you can get it at their “trusted” authorised dealers across the Metro Manila. Yeah, this is only available in Metro Manila. Particular in the Eastside and some border cities and municipalities in Rizal. It answers the question I am getting the AniPlus channel on my Digital TV when I scanned it.

The box will cost 3000 pesos, and that includes the first year access to the premium channels. Succeeding years will cost 999 to purchase, which is already a sweet deal if you compare it to the cable offerings we have right now. To me, getting History Channel and AniPlus is already a sweet deal. More if I like watching NBA and Korean Drama.

You can’t buy it online though. Please see here to see the list of dealers and where to get them. Activating them looks to be the same as ABS’ TV-Box.

For more info, see their website here.