While I am not a particular fan of idols, I could not help but comment on the latest development of our homebrew idol group, MNL48. They just announced not too long ago, that they will be holding their first ever Fan Meet on June 3rd. First in a sense that this will be an in-person (excepting the appearances in showtime) public performance after their general elections. They did their Presser on April 30 in front of the media, and that doesn’t count.

This fan meet will also be the first time; the organisers will be charging the audience for their appearance. After all, they are performers and performers are charging for their performances. Performances in which these proud women work their asses off. They will cost 500 and 750 pesos for anyone interested in watching. The difference in the pricing tier is the seating placement. Nothing more, at least for now. I’ve read in the comments that it will also be their last live performance since they will be heading off to Japan to be trained by the master themselves. For wotas of the group, it will be like their “despidida” party.

This debut event will be the real test for the idol scene in the otaku community. Given that being in the Idol ring means that support is tantamount to your given Idol, or Oshi I guess? Are fans willing to pay to support their chosen idol? We’ll have to wait and see. Maybe my perception of the community is outdated, and people now are more willing to “walk the talk” and be for the fandom they sign up for. While I am not particularly interested in covering the idols themselves, the business of it fascinates me to at least mentioned it here. Don’t expect me going there to cover it. I don’t care. But I am interested in what develops around it.

Rather than be there, I will be covering Pinoy Otaku Festival on Sunday instead. Don’t ask why because I have no idea either.

Facebook Announcement: Here