It reminds me of that highly stylistic Anime from Madhouse from long ago called Redline. This show is just oozing of unique cinematic nuance that it just draws you into watching. Which like Redline whom has this strong colours and design to it that despite the simplistic story, makes it interesting despite. Come on, Megalo Box is Hajime No Ippo in a sort-of cyberpunk dystopia.  An underdog tale of our main character rising above his place and destroy all that is on his way to achieving his goal, to fight the champion in the grandest ring of all.

As I’ve said, the story itself isn’t anything to write special. But the series isn’t banking on it. It is more of the character dynamics and the execution of each piece of the story. I can tell that the people behind it had it all planned out like a conductor directing the orchestra. They place the stakes precisely want to root for our main hero. But at the same time, you are also invested in the other end of the character spectrum. The opponents have some heft into them, they aren’t one dimensional, and they do have weight into it. They do skip the small fry, but when they decide to play on your feelings, they do it with excellence. War and PTSD aren’t something that I would think of having in my story, but it did manage to get the series into a more darker tone than Hajime. Hell, at episode 3, we saw kids stealing stuff to buy drugs. In my country, we do have these kinds of kids here, and that scene somehow resonated with me. But I like the comeback after that, with them joining the cast.

I also can’t help that the people behind the story do have some inspiration from Haijme in some shape or form. Nabu does remind me of Kamogawa. Yuri is Miyata, and our main character is Ippo. It makes me wish he would do a Dempsy roll in some way.

Overall, this one shoots straight into my watchlist. A bit late in the game, but I’m starting to see other IPs that aren’t sequels worth watching. Do you what? Our main character isn’t a shota, and I find him charming in his way.