I had decided that I will attend this year’s Pinoy Otaku Expo that will take place on the first weekend of June. If I am not mistaken, this is a brainchild by the guys at the Naruto Cosplayer’s Philippines. They’re cool guys. They go by the mantra of love and friendship and that most of the members stay for the companionship and sense of belonging.

I don’t remember where I got this snippet if it was from Jay’s stories or I read it in one of his D Angelo’s blog from long ago. In any case, David D’Angelo whom people sees as either Mr Pogi (Satan) from DB or Kratos (the non-dad version) cosplays, said somewhere along the lines that NCPH events centred toward on bringing a friendly venue for fans to meet and enjoy. They don’t aim to profit from their activities it is just enough for a means to an end. So whenever I see an NCPH event, I don’t expect anything like what the big organisers do, like Cosplay Mania and Best of anime. I usually would put them somewhere above school level but below the low-tier events like Otaku Expo and the bunch of Ozine events.

PoF, based on their promo materials seems to be their most ambitious event to date. But it didn’t stay clear from whatever their roots are. At least they tried to get as many organisation to partner with as possible. Some for a cause, some just so that they can get many people drummed up for the event. They have some international guest. Something of a surprise, or maybe I didn’t care then. For a free attraction that is something unexpected. We are used to organisers milking congoers to death with foreign guests. But unlike those, their guest isn’t exactly well-known. Likely chosen because they are friends with the organisers, which is not that a bad thing. It is better to have some that have none. I don’t have anything interesting to say about them so I’ll leave it at that.

A panel discussion is a rare thing in our convention scene. The people attending aren’t the kind that has the interest of learning something. The environment is not conducive enough, and a lot of the talks aren’t compelling enough to even worth a listen. Given that there are plenty of podcasts out there that provides a more meaningful discussion. In any case, it is still a welcome activity to have in the event. Their topic line up is composed of fan service talks like Anime Vs Manga, Marvel vs DC and things that aren’t exactly worth any one’s intellect. The only thing I found interesting in the panel talk is their hopeful attempt to discuss the issues of the Cosplay community. I also find it ironic that one of the panellists in the discussion is one of the people who made a big deal when we wrote a piece way back about why a then certain child cosplayer is winning competition. We never mentioned that the said contestant is cheating. We only want to have a variety of winners at the time. Then this person and another went ballistic for some reason. Anyway, water under the bridge and it was a long time ago.

They also have other exciting activities that you would typically see in an on-campus event setting. Amazing Race, that cosplay sounds familiar which are an in-costume singing contest. Then a there’s that master-student cosplay competition that only has one male student in it. Then lastly an Anime Rave party, which sounded nice if it weren’t the fact that it is in a mall. None of these is interesting to me, but I do recognise the effort that the organisers put in to make it different despite it being free. I do wish other organisers should at least bother to make their event entertaining without having the con-goers fork out money to make it.

I am also want to give a shout-out to their Marketing and public relations team for making it easier had access to information that is related to the event. This event is perhaps one of the most accessible research of a gathering I did since I have to read what is in their marketing material. Heck, they even have the schedule listed on their page. It makes me wonder why is it so hard to give it from other Events like ToyCon and Ozine like their life depends on it. We know things can change. We want a guide so that we will know at least to expect when we get there.

That’s it. I’ll be attending this event out of convenience on Day 2. Will record some bands and roam around the area and talk about it. I will be with my partner since Fairview is pretty much his backyard.