Since we are at the point where the popularity of idols is starting to gain traction, It is an inevitable consequence that demand for such is a given.

Announced not too long ago, Anime Idol Convention just up and announced its intention to hold a gathering for like-minded fans for January 13 next year at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig City. It was also the event venue for this year’s Yaoi Convention and that Yuri on Ice gathering(?) sometime last March.

While 2019 is still far for us to concern, what prompted them to announce it is probably that they manage to set a date for the venue. Particulars for the event and what they have in store is still left for us to wonder, for now. We are roughly 6-7 months ahead. But it does give them leeway to observe the idol scene in the country since the start of the MNL48 craze. Many indie idols are starting to appear and capitalizing on the heightened awareness of the community at large. MNL opened up the idol scene to the ordinary masses and could take off like how Korea boo became an acceptable thing in the Philippine pop culture.

As for the legitimacy of the event itself. I manage to talk to the organisers and ask them about their experience, and their spokesperson and leader speak in confidence, given that she (leader) used to organised on-campus events, and has participated in other non-on-campus events as well. Their leader handled the Seiyuu Fans Philippine gathering this year and got a small gig last Yaoi Expo as well. Yeah,

In any case, we will have to watch and see where this will go. It is too early to tell, but my initial interaction with the group didn’t raise any red flags that they are here to scam us like the Go Kaisho did (if you know what I am talking about, then you are old). They answered professionally, and their leader is using a legit facebook user profile. That is a huge plus for me. If someone uses their Facebook profile, then it just shows that they are committed to their cause and willing to gamble on their reputation.

Source: Facebook

Author Note: The date I indicated was wrong. It will be on January 13, not 19. I’ve changed the writing above to reflect that. Thanks for the organisers for pointing it out.