I’ve seen a few shows that want to twist the mainstream magical girl troupe in a comedic sense. We do have a few glimpses of it in “Zombie-desu ka” which people would probably forget about it. Then we have the Space Highschool Defense Club something, which was interesting for a couple of episodes but then it’s not. Then here, we have Magical Girl Ore, which appears to be something in the vein of Space Defense Club but outside the school setting.

Like much of comedy, I don’t have much to say about humor as of now. But the series did take their sweet time in building up the characters. Too much time, in fact, that I was already getting bored of it. To be fair, I like that they didn’t dump a lot of exposition in me, and instead did a show and tell about the characters. But in this instance, I wish they should’ve just done that. They went way too long for me to keep my attention.

Overall, it wasn’t that bad. Not sure where this will go, but I don’t mind sticking for a bit.