First Impressions: Legend of the Galactic Heroes – Die Nue These

First Impressions: Legend of the Galactic Heroes – Die Nue These

  • Mr A
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  • Posted On April 4th 2018

Bunch of bishes there were taken from generic old Otomoe games duke it out in space, while it tries their earnest to make their country great again.

Damn! Now, this is what I call the best opening of the season. Legend of the Galactic Heroes has a special place in my heart, despite that, I never got to watch the main series. I did manage to understand what makes it tick through its OVAs and what not. You also don’t get a lot of space operas in Anime in the past decade, and having the most epic space opera be given a fresh coat of paint in 2018 is the best idea to get people into the genre.

Just to give you the dynamic here. There are three empires. Neither of them painted in any shade that identifies what’s good or bad. They all aren’t perfect, and they all have their atrocities and political landscape that could be described as, stagnant. As far as the series I watched in the past. The franchise covers two (or one) aspiring young commanders that want to break away the almost perpetual gridlock of war between two substantial entities.

One of them is Reinhart, the red-head commander of the empire, who is determined to change the ways of the empire, together with his loyal servant since childhood. Then we have Wang Yen-li from the Republic (Free Alliance as this series started) who is also burdened by the bureaucratic gunk of everything, but unlike Reinhart, he sees himself as a passive observer that just wants to do his job and not let others bog him down with their incompetence. If he sees someone incompetence that will result in his death, he would likely step in and steer the rudder to, at best case, victory.

Now as a fan of the franchise, who I didn’t watch completely but loved every second of it. LoGH is a political story. A lot of it is about the characters having to go through their hardships in changing the political landscape of their respective sides. Space battles are one of the many facets of its strong-point, its world. I did some digging and this series we are watching is a reboot of its old OVA many moons ago. Now that I read it, I did remember having it on my drive before I accidentally erased it. Sadly, this series will only go up to 12 episodes, but it seems that the stakeholders aren’t exactly doing this just to test the palate of the current audience. They have 3 movies planned that will further expand the world of LoGH. This means I have to wait at a snail’s pace in getting my fix once the series finishes this season. This is not a mainstream story. Space opera isn’t a thing these days, and I’m just as happy that we get to have this and perhaps revive the genre by chance. But I am not optimistic on that.

Overall, this is series is a huge win for me. Last season only got me watching Saiki. This and Full Metal Panic airing this season, plus other interesting series in the pipeline. I can finally be back into watching anime with the rest of the crowd.

P.S: I was supposed to finish my update on the site before I start writing. But since I was blown away by how great this series is, I just have to write something before this euphoria pass by me. In any case, expect First Impression once the weekend starts.