Shitty Winter 2018 Anime Impressions

Shitty Winter 2018 Anime Impressions

  • Mr A
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  • Posted On February 21st 2018

This winter season is hands-down one of my least favourite of the bunch. Out of all the anime offered so far, only two are worthy of my watch.

Didn’t the title explicitly express how much what I think about this year’s Winter anime line-up? It’s full of cute girls doing uncute things, but since it involves girls who looked way below their actual age makes it interesting. Color me impressed; I’m not buying that carp.

This shift in demographics to the Type B crowd just made my line-up bare to none. I started with shows that I have interest in watching, but now I’m down to two. Heck, I didn’t even like the 1 of the two I’ve picked. I just got stuck with it since it is mecha and I need to drum my interest before Full Metal Panic hits next season. Anyway, let me start with my least favourite show I’ve watched so far.

Violet Evergarden

It started very strong with me since KyoAni is behind this. Adding the fact that the first episode screams a potential being that it is set in a war-ravaged world.  Finally, KyoAni is decided to focus on something other than characters themselves and go over and play the world into the character’s story.

Oh boy, I was wrong.

From what I get four episodes in, I got a mentally challenged, more so socially challenged female lead having to discover her inner human through writing letters for people. All in the process of learning what the future was in store for her after her precious captain dies just after the war. That is not what I signed up for, and that is not what It conveyed to me in the very first episode. Thus, it rapidly dropped my interest in it and just went and dropped it.

Darling In the FranXXX

The only mecha show in the season. Produced by Trigger who had made mixed rated animes like Kill La Kill, to that dramafest of a snooze called Kiznaiver (OP is fantastic though); and written by the guy who wrote the semi-colon series, a.k.a: Steins;Gate, Robotics;Note, Chaos;Note etc. To which one of them is watchable.

As far as I had watched, I manage to keep my interest to keep going. It does borrow a lot of elements from other shows. Particular that whole Klaxxour thing that resembles Angles from Evangelion. Then there is our main character who has his inner doubts that he needs to resolve. Then there are the mecha designs that are full of flair that I can’t help but resemble that of Star Driver. Oh, for some reason, did they watched Aquarion Evol? They seem to emphasise a lot on sexual terminologies and innuendos. Not to mention how the female pilots have to position herself like she would be dog styled by his male co-pilot.

Anyhoo, this show’s world is intriguing. I like some post-apocalyptic on my weekends, and this show certainly has what I crave. The characters are likeable, especially zero-two who mainly carries the show forward. I wouldn’t have pushed forward if it weren’t for her seducing and pushy behaviour. I’ll stick around more and see where this go. Apparently this will be a two cour series so I’ll just come back to it after the first half ends, and hopefully carry it on to the second half.

The Disasterous Life of Saiki

My creme-de-la-creme of the season, the oasis in my dessert, the only pimple on my face, that single hair in my chest, you get the idea. The Shounen Jump’s hit comedy gag series is back, and unfortunately, it is not carried by any of the usual streamers. Anyway, that didn’t stop a dirty gaijin like me to watch it.

In any case, I did write a first impression of it many moons ago. Can’t remember if it was on the old Deremoe site or the first version of this site. What I said there was full of scepticism and doubt on the humour of the series. For one, I never really like the main character at first. His higher than thou persona just screams douche with me. But then again, Gin is a douche as well. Gintama was a good series, but eventually, I fell in love with the series. It became my go-to gag manga that even surpasses Gintama in all accounts. Since one thing I don’t like about Gintama is its Shounen aspect. Except for that Benizakura arc. Nothing seemed to elevate anything to that level, even that Otose arc. In any case, Saiki doesn’t have that shounen serious crud that I dislike about Gintama. It’s all fun, and the characters that you will eventually like and they all get to be themselves without having to shove melodrama bullshit on the side.