By now you have seen that the only ticket available for the upcoming Scandal manila concert organised by Primetrade is the General Admission tier. This series of events is unprecedented since we don’t usually see tickets get this sold fast.

Of course, this also opens a lot of exciting opportunities to those who are looking for a quick buck.

Apparently, there are tickets for the sold-out tiers are now popping up on the internet, usually, double the price of its SRP. One website in question is StubHub. A platform created by eBay to sell tickets to late patrons at values that only a devoted fan would think of paying. For the case of scandal, ticket prices for the sold-out tier are now selling at its lowest for 11,000 pesos (roughly) and go as high as 13,000 pesos. While General Admission is still available, tickets for them in the site fetches for approximately, 5,100 pesos as of this posting.

I find this interesting since this is the first time I witness people doing a business like this for Japanese concerts in the country. Sure, this is expected in sports and mainstream concerts. But it is new on this side of the fence.  Not exactly sure if there are people devoted enough to bite on these kinds of deals. The otaku market does have high-rollers that could pay these kinds of things. In any case, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Special Thanks to Ray-an for mentioning this. Visit his site, AnimePH if you want to be updated on local otaku community stuff.

Ticket Page: StubHub