I can’t stop with the puns.

Anyway, Primetrade’s most prominent concert event so far has just released their pricing for the Japanese female Band Scandal that will hold their concert this coming June 24.

Their “shut up and take my money.” tier, dubbed “Emperor Pass” is priced at a whopping 8,000 pesos and it is inclusive of both the VIP and the Fan Meet and greet that will happen the day before the event. Added in the pass are numerous freebies and previlieges. These include Posters for both the concert and fan-meet. Then you also get priority seating to which is given for its price. Lastly, it also has a After concert Hi-touch session with the artist. Don’t know what that is but its there.

Lowest tier will cost 2,800 pesos while their VIP pass will get you damage to 5,000 pesos. That inclusive of a reserved area and a concert poster. Since the Emperor Pass is already unavailable as of this posting, you can just buy the VIP pass and for an additional 1800 pesos, can still give you access to their fan meet-and-greet happening the day before the concert event.

If you are interested, you can purchase your ticket by going to this link (SM Ticket).

Relevant Source: Anime PH Project, Primetrade Facebook Page

Update: It looks like meet-and-greet passes (valued at 1,800) is no longer available.

Update 2: Added more info about the ticket since Primetrade just relesed its info on its Facebook page.