Terrible pun aside. I just like to give a shoutout that Primetrade Asia; the people responsible for organising Best of Anime, has just announced on their social media pages (Facebook) that hit Female band, Scandal will be stopping by the country come this June.

The concert in Manila will be part of their Asia tour with other stops in China and Taiwan respectively.

This partnership is the organiser’s most prominent guest bringing to date. Last year, they managed to bring Anime studio’s favourite go-to band SpyAir to Manila and perform at their yearly anime convention. This time, rather than having to pair this guesting (which I don’t think they would be able to because of the schedule of the guests), they decided to make it a standalone event.

The organiser also announced a fan-meet that will happen the day before the concert. No pricing for both and the details will be available when appropriate.

In any case, this is good news for Scandal fans. It is one of the most requested bands by the local otaku community. I’m not a fan of the band myself, but I wish them well in they’re first ever performance in the country. My only gripe is that venue of choice by Primetrade. A band of this calibre deserve a far better place to conduct its business. MoA arena would be ideal, but Primetrade isn’t exactly going to gamble that much. They should consider Samsung Hall in aura since it is more suited to conduct concerts. But then again, we need to know how many fans are willing to pay a premium for witnessing the occasion. We’ll just have to see.

Relevant Source: AnimePH