Primetrade Asia, the people behind the yearly Best of Anime, announced in line with their usual Manila International Book Fair, that they would also be holding its first “pop culture” convention. Dubbed PopHub: Comic Splash x Fandom Fest.

The short announcement mentioned that the said event would “feature pop-culture and wide-ranging entertainment.” Which translates to me that they want to compete with the ever popular pop-culture events segment, something that is currently being mined by Asia Pop Comicon and Toy Con at the moment.

While Toy Con’s primary drive is its toy bazaar, they are slowly diverting itself toward being your general geek event, to which veteran con-goers to the event has some mixed feelings. Asia Pop Comicon, on the other hand, is slowly gaining traction by delivering high calibre guests from various parts of the world. What will Primetrade do to distinguish itself from these two well-established brands that fans of the demographic will come and love?

For that answer, we will just have to see when the event comes to fruition. From the looks of it, they will be pitting this to their book fair as help bolster its brand. Like how it was doing with its Japanese oriented convention, Best of Anime for so many years. I take the latter is already well on its profitable stage that it no longer needs the backing of the event planner’s cash cow. To which in my case, I wish them luck.

Relevant Source: Primetrade Asia Facebook