This year will be the start of expanding my little niche space on the internet.  Last year has been more on the experimental and, I was busy thinking and figuring out what to make this site different and develop a direction that I will take. Reviewing anime isn’t going to cut it if I’m going to provide a consistent flow of content on the site. Also, I’m not finding any new exciting animes to cover these past few seasons that warranted my review. If there are some that I missed, I might write a thing or two about them, but that would mean I have to watch them just to get my bearing straight. It’s hard to write something that comes from a vague memory. Then there’s my shift in my interest. I’m more engaged in my expertise in web development than Anime.  Which is more of myself getting older and more recluse as an individual?

The lack of content in Anime leaves me to open my doors to another niche, besides anime. As you can see, I’ve open to doing small reviews of places and restaurants that I’ve been. Traveling is one thing. There’s going to be more on that but more structured. I have plans on going abroad this year ever since I move to a more well-paying job. I couldn’t tell where exactly is that, but when I finally get my affairs checked, I’ll let you guys know.

I’m also going to take back my word in covering events. I have mentioned in the past that I’m not keen on doing event coverage, particularly when it comes to otaku-related stuff. I still hold on to that notion so don’t expect me covering Toy Con, Best of Anime and, god forbid Cosplay Mania. Those mainstream events can run their marketing themselves. The media’s role is mainly for documenting and being an observer to the community. Something that no one covers after we (Deremoe) exited the market.

So where does this leads me? To start, I’m going for the niche conventions that fit my set of criteria. Mainly, if they are doing something that is unique to the community. Then if I have something to say about that said thing. So this boils down to mainly, Yaoi conventions and occasional JPop bands. The latter being an elusive bunch. I need to have a keen eye to spot stand-alone JPop band events. One is that they come and go like the seasons since they are composed of music geeks who happened to like anime. One particular band I love is Yui for President, who I recall is a band formed by school friends and are now living their adult lives. It is unfortunate to have one such talent go, but life is just like that.

Lastly, before I get myself to dabble endlessly, I’m going to upgrade my equipment. For one, you can already tell from the grammar that I am using Grammarly to pass my articles for proofreading. Using the service will hopefully get rid of my quirks that aren’t exactly grammatically correct. I paid for the premium version, so it also fixes my sentencing structures as well as suggest some changes in the way I form sentences. I hope it keeps those pesky grammar nazis at bay at least. I’m also going to upgrade some of my equipment. That means better audio and video when I finally decide to go multimedia again. The gadgets will mainly go to the travel blogs, but it also serves a purpose in covering any future events.