First Impressions: Yuru Camp

First Impressions: Yuru Camp

  • Mr A
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  • Posted On January 8th 2018

Cute girls go camping!

If it weren’t for Draggle’s first impression, I wouldn’t bother with this. Glad I did though because I like what I saw.

Describing Yuru Camp shouldn’t be that hard. It’s a bunch of girls doing camping stuff. Like how K-On was about a group of girls wanting to make a band, but the former does camp and be cute at the same time? Anyway, I like how the first episode went out. It nailed the tone of what makes camping special. Heck, it made me consider camping for once. I’ve always seen a lot of beaches that I could go camping with someone. But what stops me is that most of them lack proper toilets. The very one thing I could not part with civilisation.  The mellow tune of the musical score just elevated the serenity of the place. Mt Fuji is a place to behold, and I permitted, I want to camp there. I just hope I don’t find a dead body.

As for the characters, they still had that cutesy charms that are always present in this sort-of yuri kind of shows. What won me is that they let them sizzle out their quirks and have it bounce with one another. Even that pink haired girl despite being the typical airhead wasn’t that annoying to watch either. Yeah, she’s clumsy but not to the point of being a stupid bloke. I just hope that they develop past that part in the future episode.

Overall, I’m satisfied with what I saw. I’ll continue watching this for a few more episode and see where it goes. I just hope it becomes something that is worth my time in this already barren season of anime.