A KyoAni series that isn’t skewing its audience on both sides of the spectrum?

Colour me impress. This anime looks epic! I’ll forget the whole “protagonist needs to be a woman to sell” thing since the tone of the episode aspires to tell a very compelling story. I already like the main character; she reminds me a lot of Souske Sagara, the main protagonist from Full Metal Panic. That anime that KyoAni once made but refuses for some reason to do another. Now we have Xebec to do it, which isn’t a studio that I would let such a beautiful piece of military-themed storytelling to have the reigns in delivering the series. Sure, they did Argovollen, and that’s one entertaining series, but it wasn’t exactly memorable either. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.

The story here is that it is one of the only pieces in the one in KyoAni’s writing contest. They hold this competition where they look of stories that would interest them to make an anime. Free was one of the entries, but I remember it was only a mention and it didn’t win the contest. KyoAni is such a stooge picker that they often tell deffer each year for not having any submission worth noting. Thes folks have a high standard, and this seemed to have achieved them. Kudos to the writer.

Overall, I’m interested. This series may only be the only show in the season that is high-budgeted and has a decent story to keep people interested. Let’s just where it goes.