Scamp was right that it does resemble a bit of Tonari Seiku-kun. At least on the wasting time part. But this one has an added element of “puppy love” in it. Both characters are compelling to watch, and the female lead is likeable and the male protagonist being one cute shota both inside and out.

I disagree on draggle about this being good as a short. I will agree on the part if this show is mainly about our male protagonist finding ways to embarrassĀ  Takagi-san. But it is more than that. While the show is segmented off into scenes, depicting ways Takagi-san reverses the situation. You can sense the growing feeling of our male lead to Takagi-san. An ever-increasing attraction that will eventually land in a manner that the audience will squeal in delight.

Overall, I’m okay with the anime. But I don’t see it anything that I can commit to it.