Man, this brings me back. I remember this anime airing in ABS-CBN around in the afternoon. This and with Zenki and other Anime that I can’t remember. I didn’t remember much of it mainly because I wasn’t interested back them. But I did like the art style, and the main character and his party looked shota enough for me.

Now it makes me wonder why on earth would someone wish for it to be a remake? Apparently, the Japanese market clamour for a remake. Even created a petition to have it done.  The first episode trended in the Japanese social media. Who would’ve have thought?

As for me, I it was ok. I grew up in these kinds of shows in the past, and I definitely feel at home.  If there’s one thing I applaud for this series is its artwork. Pure nostalgia I tell you. But there’s one glaring issue, and that its pacing is too damn fast!

Since I don’t have much knowledge of both the original and the manga, I don’t have a reliable comparison to say about it. But even if I didn’t watch, I can tell that they are condensing a lot of the story. It is still understandable, but the lack of development just made me care less for any of the characters in the show, at least for now.

Overall, it’s interesting. Might get to watch a few more episodes and see where it goes. Let’s just hope the slow the pace down and get to where the show really shines.