First Impressions: Sanrio Boys

First Impressions: Sanrio Boys

  • Mr A
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  • Posted On January 7th 2018

Surprisingly, it is not about anthropomorphised Sanrio mascots doing cute things for the sake of cute things.

As we go to star the seasonal anime first impressions, there’s not a lot of new animes to cover this season. The bulk of the series is catering toward the B crowd leaning to the male demographic, and those are the kind of anime I don’t watch.

Fortunately, there are few outliers this season that I can at least talk about. One of them is Sanrio Boys. Yes, Sanrio as in the company behind the Hello Kitty franchise. This time, they are going to the fujoshi and the Fundashi crowd and not just kids or kids at heart.

As for the show, the blew my expectations away for the entire episode. I was under the impression that this show was just a personified Sanrio mascots injected into cute pubescent boys acting cute. But instead, I got a bunch of boys who happen to like Sanrio mascots. I didn’t expect that. The series made an effort to attribute their product to the character’s persona in such an organic way. Another thing is that they have thicker character depth than your average cash grab advert. I couldn’t believe myself that I cried on the protagonist backstory with his grandma. The direction and the tone of that scene just nailed all my senses that it struck me right into the heart.

As for the other characters, I’m guessing they will have their backstory. So far, I’ve only seen their typecast persona typical of the genre. An up bright student with a position of power, a jock, a chibi kid but he’s in HIGH SCHOOL, a girl magnet and our protagonist who is plain but has a heart of gold. We did have a glimpse of the girl magnet, and I am confident that the show does have something to keep the audience interested in what the story has in store for our main cast of characters.

Overall, the direction sold me for the first episode. The art isn’t striking, but it manages to hold me enough to get me into the story. I have a penchant for plain looking characters anyway. Music is above average. The flashback scene with the grandma nailed it for me. In short, I’m going to keep watching this show. Glad that I have something to watch this season.