First Impressions: Junji Ito Collection

First Impressions: Junji Ito Collection

  • Mr A
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  • Posted On January 9th 2018

Supposed to be a bunch of scary stories

Junji Ito is considered the father of Japanese horror and has a very vibrant cult following. I remember reading one of his stories, and it was okay.  It was about people getting suck into a hole and, continue to dig themselves deeper and deeper into it.  It was such a long time ago; I couldn’t remember what it was. But what struck me about his work is that besides the usual body horror you get sometimes, they tend to have some level of twisted moral commentary to it.

This series is made to showcase Junji Ito’s works. It’s an anthology, so each week feature a completely unrelated story from the previous one. I’m not exactly sure why they choose this particular story from their episode. It’s about some obnoxious kid who is full of himself gets owned by his stupid antics. Given what I understand about the author, the story should go dark, but the tone wasn’t there. I wasn’t scary or anything. Heck, I couldn’t even see the point. Not exactly sure what the anime is going. Is it for the fans of the author’s work? Or is it to introduce the work to a newer audience? It didn’t scare me. It didn’t make me squeamish or anything.  It’s just, meh.

Well, at least we get some decently drawn prepubescent boys, that puts a few points for it for me. The opening is nice. It reminded me of Hell Girl by its upbeat tone. Lastly, why do they have to spell out everything? That emo kid is having to talk consistently about what he is doing like we don’t have eyes or anything. They need to use their medium correctly. Show, not tell.