I’m impressed. The art and the voice work reminded me of Kiznaiver, but which is given since Trigger is making this show. I like the general world. It is apocalyptic. It has that smell of Evangelion world (though some compare it to Raxephon, I haven’t watched that show to compare). The mecha designs share the same aesthetics as the one in Star Driver. Another fabulous show if I say so myself.

There’s also a slew of innuendos thrown around. I take the show takes inspiration from Aquarion Evol, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on your taste.  I’m indifferent to the show. But the people I listen to say they like it, so I’m looking at this on a positive note.

The characters are decently interesting for now. Our female lead got me. That push-forward attitude of her is one of the traits I love in a person. She’s like that wild animal that no one can control. But lo and behold, this angsty teen will whip that bitch smirk where it belongs. Well, that’s what this show is getting to me, at least.

Overall, I’m leaning on the positive on the first episode. The writer from Steins;Gate made this. But that’s the only thing he made that is good. The other semi-colon series like Robotics and Chaos aren’t exactly you would call decent by any stretch. Let’s just hope that this one disproves that the author is not a one-hit wonder that I think he is.