This week the cosplay community was rocked by two controversies that got people talking about the state and health of the community. One is a twitch streamer impersonating a cosplayer; another is one famous cosplayer throwing accusations to another. While drama like there is a dime in a dozen in the community, I just figure I would share my thoughts on the matter. Mainly, this article will deal with famed, Lilui Aquino and his tirade against one international cosplayer and the whiplash of what has transpired.

What Is the Issue?

Just to give a summary of what this is all about. Liui Aquino, who is a famed cosplayer best known for his cosplay portrayal of Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon, and Hiro from Big Hero 6. Had posted a “Blind Item” on Facebook “exposing” a certain international cosplayer about her primadonna attitude with organizers, and her racial opinions against other fellow foreign cosplayers and everyone else. It was written in a light-toned manner trying to expose this particular cosplayer of her nefarious ways. To which caused the cosplay community to rile up and start talking.

Aside from that, Liui had also stated that he would continue on this expose by releasing more “accounts” of what is the real deal about this certain cosplayer. To which, I think he will no longer continue, given the backlash it received. While he did say that he will stake his reputation on the line, for fame and dignity, I see that this “expose” he did will be his last. At least for now.

Who is This Cosplayer

To who this cosplayer he mentioned is up to anyone’s guess. But a post from facebook named that person as Reika, for she is a friend of hers. Yes. That Reika who is pretty much famous in the international scene, and has come into butts with Cosplay Mania and a Cebu organizer for her alleged mistreatment when she was a guest there.

She pins Reika as the one Liui is pointing as being a racist primadonna and that exposing her will give her fans a second thought of “worshiping” their goddess. While I can not verify if this is true or not, I’m going on a limb here and play along in this proposition since it has piqued my interest.

My Thoughts On The Matter

To me, while the entire community is riled on picking sides. I’m more interested in why Liui is so adamant on writing an expose in the first place. While I never knew the man beside the two great cosplays, he did also add the brief encounters with him when I was covering events. It never strikes me that as a person, who is probably in his early 30s would write something like this. People of this age loathe drama, more so creating one. Dabbling in these things is seen as something immature, particular if we are talking about another person. To which made me think that there is something that happened between Liui and this in-question cosplayer that got him so riled up that he opted to “expose” this person to the best of his abilities. How badly did this person treat him? Yes, the post mentioned that this particular cosplayer mistreated his friends and him. But it would be nice to elaborate on this. Liui, to my hunch, is not telling the complete story and if he needs to vent his frustration to the internet, he would at least for the benefit of his fans and to the community to be transparent about it.

Then my next thought is the post that a certain Reika friend posted on her Facebook. First off, I wholeheartedly agree with what she said about Liui’s approach on the matter. It was written in such a tone that for one, it doesn’t present a lot when it comes to exposing this cosplayer. It wasn’t articulate. It only mentions that this cosplayer is hard to work with and the event organizers said it to him. It would be nice to explain in detail as to what makes her a difficult person to work with. Tell a specific scenario when she was a dick in the situation. Like, he mentioned that she hates Koreans, Chinese, and other Asians. He should give an example where she displayed her racial bias to an individual cosplayer. Maybe use his experience to showcase his point. It helps in establishing that kind of character that she is and makes it easier to understand that pain points he has to this cosplayer. Given the way he just sweepingly drops these accusations is looking to me just a means to gather sympathy from his fans so that he can rebuild the pieces of his broken ego that this certain cosplayer indeed shattered in some shape or form.

However, there is one thing that I disagree with Reika’s friend, and that he is telling Liui that he isn’t perfect either so you are not in the position to say such things. Which is a good argument, since he does INDEED being hypocritical in his post contradicting the very thing he said in the last part of his first paragraph. But that is also the very same argument Putin, Duterte, and Trump whenever someone criticizes their actions by calling out their attackers and telling them you’re not perfect, so you don’t have the right to tell me what to do. But doesn’t make what you are doing right either. Yes, Liui is a dick to a cosplayer. But that doesn’t absolve this cosplayer for being a racist primadonna if the accusations were correct. Whatever it is, there is undoubtedly a problem, and it is something that should be taken care of. You already said it yourself, Liui has many loyal fans. This thing could just be one Harvey Weinstein away from blowing up. People will start talking about this individual cosplayer, further weighing the claim, just saying.

Should we Condemn This Certain Cosplayer?

If you want to ask my opinion, I don’t care if this particular cosplayer is a big prick. Admiration comes in many forms. To someone – like me -, admiring and liking someone can be two separate things. Sure, this cosplayer is a piece of shit to work with, but she sure knows how to display and make her costumes well. I admire her skills as a cosplayer. I don’t need to like someone I admire. Its all about respecting one’s talent. But that’s just me. Admiring and liking someone are mutually exclusive to some people, so its just one’s preferred taste.