I just want to say that I am delighted to tell my readers a happy holiday to you all. While 2017 isn’t exactly a very active year for the site, it is one that slowly set the foundations for bigger things to come. I’m still in the process of finding the perfect blend of mixing my interest in this blog. My review of the exciting restaurants I encounter. To the travels that I had done in the past. I just want to have an avenue to write my thoughts and have it organised and preserved for everyone to see.

This coming 2018 is where I will up my ante on the Megane brand and to other brands that I will spin it. I’m going back to writing anime stuff and as well as go back to covering events but not in a way I cover Deremoe before. It will centre more on experience rather than the nuance of an event. I do not aim to be your bulletin board for event information; there’s a lot of people covering that already.  I also don’t want to involve myself with being in the media side of things. It is a thankless and often abused profession in the otaku community. Something that I don’t have time and resources to dabble. I also want to preserve my opinion and being “invited” just gets in the way of delivering what I honestly feel on a particular topic. Best of Anime, in particular, has been a good host for us in the past and as media partners then, I have to watch what I say so as not to affect them too negatively. Besides, I don’t have time to attend media pressers, and even so, I don’t follow a lot of otaku personalities to be able to contribute to the questioning. I’ll leave that to the experts, who are more into those kinds of things. My only concern is the experience and how their decisions affect the overall execution of the event.

Lastly, I have other surprises planned for 2018. I’m upgrading my equipment, as well as waiting for other things that I need before I can safely announce my intentions. I’ll let you guys know when its ready.

So to end, again, happy holidays and I wish you all a prosperous year ahead.