Food Trip: Funside Ningningan

Food Trip: Funside Ningningan

  • Mr A
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  • Posted On December 3rd 2017

I have another Food Trip I like to share. This time, it isn't a budget joint in any stretch, but it isn't that expensive that you wouldn't touch it if isn't for special occasions.

Ningnigan Funside is a Dampa like a restaurant that located in Pulian, Bulacan. A 1-hour ride from Manila on a good day. Dampa what best describe this joint. It specializes in seafood, but the twist is that you get to choose the critter you want to eat. There isn’t must of variety when compared to actual Dampa. But it does make one heck of a seafood dish that you would want to go back to experience again.

But before I talk about the food let’s talk about the palace first. For a start, its an outdoor restaurant. It offers a variety if you want to have the place by yourself, you sit on one of those private of sorts bungalows. If you like to dine with the rest, there are food courts style place where you can eat with everyone. We went there somewhere in the afternoon, and despite the 40C heat, it wasn’t as humid as you would expect. They spray water mist to cool the surrounding area so that it doesn’t feel stuffy. Their restrooms are pretty clean, and their urinals have ice on it so it doesn’t stink. There is also the “mosh pit” I call, which has a giant projection screen in the front perfect for those PBA/NBA or Pacquiao fights. Not too bad for jamming nights as well. I could see the place lit up at night, full of people drinking to their heart’s content or rather, their liver’s content.

You won’t be going here just to drink. The food here is worth coming to, even if you live 40KM away. Like Dampa, you get to chose which critter you would like to slaughter and dine. The choices are limited compared to Dampa, but they do appear fresh. Also, besides the seafood, you can even pick and choose from a variety of grilled pork and chicken. From the common, Bagnet, to the innards like Isaw and chicken tail. To the most cholesterol loving chicharron bulaklak. It makes you want to have a cold beer when you probably shouldn’t.

Finally, let’s get it on with the food. Few things I like about this place is their Bulalo. It the soup is flavorful. It is better than the ones I tasted in Tagaytay not many months ago. Their chicharron bulaklak is something to die for. But with moderation, you can get away with how fresh it is. It tastes like it was just gutted from a pig recently. Compared to what you can get in malls or stalls in malls that offer chicharron. You won’t smell that whiff of rancid that comes from old butchered pork. It was tempted to buy a beer just for that. But then again, I’m in that age where I should be wary of my cholesterol levels.

But the main attraction is the seafood. We dined on crab, shrimp and squid. We have them cooked the shrimp into buttered and spicy. We had the crab buttered (?) as well. As for the squid, we just made it to you usually grilled stuff. As for the taste, I couldn’t tell much on the crab since I didn’t eat that. But the shrimp taste fantastic. Both the buttered and the spicy. I couldn’t even distinguish the two, but regardless, they are so good the shrimp is meaty, and you can taste the flavor in the meat, the squid taste just like stuffed squid, what separates it apart is how you make your sauce. Typically, that’s vinegar, a dash of soy sauce and lime (calamansi). You are free to add chili if you want. I’m not a spicy kind of guy, so I didn’t go for that.

For the rest of the food, the BBQ taste fine. I picked the chicken tail as my main course, but I couldn’t appreciate it. I might be lacking some sauce for that. The total budget for the meal costs us around 7000 pesos. A chuck of the dish is mainly for the shrimp and the crab. We also bought a large pot of rice that is good for 10 (but 20) for 320 pesos. The bulalo soup is refillable. So that’s a nice plus if you choose dry meals.

Overall, I enjoyed eating here. Like I said, its a bit pricey but anything seafood is pricey anyway. So, if you happened to be in Pulilian, Bulacan. Drop by at this joint and be sure to bring some high blood pills with you. The food is hard to resist.