Review: Pineng Powerbanks

Review: Pineng Powerbanks

  • Mr A
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  • Posted On November 4th 2017

Powerbanks aren't anything new. But some of them deserve some bit of recognition.

I’m preparing for an out-of-town trip in the coming weeks. Being a tech person one of the worst thing that could happen on a trip is running out of batteries and having to start blankly on the window, if you are seated besides it. Worse if you are stuck in the middle and have to deal with the people around you. I don’t deserve that and any introverted person wouldn’t to. That’s why I decided to by two power banks, each having their specific function and this post will give you my thoughts on both of them.

Why Pineng?

That’s also a question that I want to answer myself. It wasn’t my intention of choosing the brand. It is more that the brand choose me. Both my items are bought from Lazada and given the wide reviews for both products made me choose them. In my case, I bought two types, though not at the same time. The first one is a slim 5000mah pack and another is a 20000mah brick that can double as your club. I’ll start with the slim one and discuss what are its features and what I like and dislike about it.

This one cost 499 pesos at Lazada and it sports a slim design and a “beefy” battery capacity. I put that in quotes for a reason I’ll get to later. As for the form factor, that’s what made me decide it. It sports a built-in USB cord that can be conveniently tucked on a slot at the other end. Which makes it convenient that I don’t have to worry that I forgot to bring a USB cable with me to charge my phone. The Slim profile made it a good choice for bringing on commute if you think you’ll be stuck outside throughout the day without any possibility of getting a charge. It still has a USB port extra when you need to charge two devices. One with the built-in cable and and extra for another. It also provided a lightning adapter if you happen to use any Apple mobile devices that sports it. It is also conveniently has a slot inside the battery making it convenient and ready when needed be.

As for the battery capacity, it does advertised as 5000mah hours. But with my phone being 3000mah hour. It would make sense that my phone would get around 1 2/3 charge from the batter. But upon testing, it barely manage to charge my phone once. From an empty battery on my phone. It only able to charge my device up to 75-80{96f0fd810055ba879c1309b3d9e0fa3c441cd099af78c30d9e98b90c61948f13}. So a claim of 5000mah would make it rubbish assumption. So did I bought a dud?

Well the answer is no. While I can not test this hypothesis out. I do have to point that ASUS released a similar battery pack not long ago but featured a 3000mah capacity. The form factor is the same, but that one does claim 3000mah hour. Which this battery DOES have that charging capacity, but advertise it as 5000mah. What I can deduce is that Pineng is advertising its battery part capacity. Which would be 5000mah. But given that most battery of this type outputs a lower voltage, there needs to be a way to increase it so that it can charge our devices at around 5V. That would expense additional amperage and thus boils to the charging capacity of around 3000mah. As to why it could not charge my phone to full would be my own battery’s fault. Its the original battery that came with my phone 2 years ago. Its battery would’ve been less prefect that what it was, so that’s understandable.

To conclude this battery is convenient for short travel and with its built-in USB cable and bundled lightning adapter made it my travel companion of choice. Its  tad expensive than ASUS, but because of the ones I mentioned, it is worth the money spent.

On my review. I bought this 20000mah battery, again from Lazada and yes, again a Pineng brand. I was looking for something that I can bring with me to Sagada in the coming weeks. Since that trip would take half a day at best, I don’t think sitting in the van bored would not be ideal. I was hesitant to buy one at first, since I don’t need high capacity batteries that often, and also who would want to carry this brick everyday right?

In any case, I bought this one so that I don’t have to rely reminding my one of my family member to borrow their large capacity powerbank when I needed. Plus if they didn’t brought it, I would have to sit bored in the van for the half duration of the trip. So yeah, it is better to have my own instead.

This battery pack sports a 20000mah capacity but its rated charging capacity is around 13000 mah. It is enough to charge my phone 4 1/3 times if needed. It sports a 1 and 2 amp ports and it was kind enough to also put tiny LED and advertise it as a flashlight. It also sports an LCD screen to display which port is being used for charging and how much charge it still has. I tested this one charging my phone, which like the other Pineng, could only get it to charge around 80{96f0fd810055ba879c1309b3d9e0fa3c441cd099af78c30d9e98b90c61948f13}. Bad battery. I manage to charge an IPhone 6 with this and it manage to fully charge the device. Just for giggles, I also did try and charge a Nexus 9 tablet and it drained half the battery and manage to get it around 60{96f0fd810055ba879c1309b3d9e0fa3c441cd099af78c30d9e98b90c61948f13}. The Nexus has around 7000mah battery so it should be able to charge it almost twice.

As for charging, given the capacity, it would probably take at least an half a day to charge the battery. There’s no quick charge on the thing and also on the charging port. I don’t need it in particular since my phone isn’t quick charge. But it would be great if it at least have on charging. But then again, for 849 Pesos that’s hardly something that comes under that price range.

Overall, I’m both satisfied on my purchase. It enough to do the job and so far it hasn’t failed me yet. I’ll keep you guys posted on any development and give you further notes about the 20000mah battery when I do make that trip later this month.