Food Trip: Yatai Yakitori Ramen

Food Trip: Yatai Yakitori Ramen

  • Mr A
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  • Posted On November 1st 2017

We tried this pop ramen joint in Taytay since we're there and its cheap. Does it stack against other pop up ramen joints that has appearing lately?

I’m a sucker for noodles. Its one of the things I like to eat on a everyday basis and it may also be the cause of my own mortality. In any case, I happen to encounter this popup Ramen store in Taytay when my family and I went to visit my brother’s play. Since we’re there and It has been a while since I tasted Ramen. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to stop by and check it out.

I don’t really know the name of the place just after googling it. Yatai Yakitori Ramen is a small pop-up joint situated in Barangay Muñoz near the Brezza wellness spa. Its along the highway and the only way you’ll know is that a small Japanese cart just besides the road. If you are an avid anime fan, then you’ll probably have an idea what that is. If you have watched Naruto, then I don’t really have to do much describing. In a way, the store stays true to the origin of a Ramen shop, which typically served as a street food catering to workers who just finished finished their day. The Ramen joint typically opens at night and as the name implies it servers hot Ramen to people as their main course. But they also serve Gyoza and grilled pork which is the other set of foods you would typically find on Ramen streets. Its a far cry from the usual Ramen restaurants you typically see on malls. But what’s good about it is the price. They are 1/4 of the typical price but does it taste like those on Malls?

What I believe I got is their Miso Ramen overload. It cost me 130 pesos together with a 4 pieces of gyoza for another 40. I didn’t took a picture of the gyoza since they aren’t that memorable and it does taste like something you can buy from a store. The ramen itself didn’t taste anything special either. The noodles are soggy and soft. The broth is on the oily side. The pork strip taste bland and the egg was your typical hard boiled egg. I wouldn’t label is as must try. But I at best it would be palatable to anyone who want to have a cheap Ramen.

All in all it was ok. Sure it didn’t tickle my tongue. But its not something that would dismiss for being shit. I might give it another chance when the stars aligned. Maybe I just didn’t get their signature dish. I may also just not fond of Japanese Ramen and more of a Chinese connoisseur. We’ll see when I get to review Chinese noodles in this blog.

Photos: Yatai Yakitori Ramen FB Page. The noodle image is mine.