Food Trip: Sedap

Food Trip: Sedap

  • Mr A
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  • Posted On November 25th 2017

On this post on Food Trip. I happen to taste authentic Malaysian dishes at Sedap. Located besides Puregold Taytay, it is a good place to get the taste of Malaysia on a budget. Just park your car at Puregold.

From Japanese let’s now go to Malaysian food. Sedap is a small Malaysian joint that located in a multi-purpose building beside Puregold Taytay. The owner, who was my sibling’s classmate from high school wanted to share his knowledge of the Malaysian cuisine when he was the last working there. Because of circumstances, we decided that we should try going there just to see how good it is.

The short answer, it was good. You can get authentic Malaysian dishes at reasonably, or perhaps, budget price. You can eat here for one at less than 150 pesos. They have a selection of noodles and rice dishes depending on your carving or need. In my particular case, I ordered a Mee Goreng which is something of a pancit canton for Malaysia but very spicy. You can get the instant version of stores, which is equally tasty and spicy. The only difference is that you can omit the spicy part. My sister, who was with me ordered their Laska. Which is another spicy noodle dish where the noodles submerged in curry broth with squid balls and hardboiled egg?

As for the taste. I like the Me Goreng. The noodles are crispy, and the sauce was flavorful. It does taste like the instant version but has that whiff of freshness. It won’t make you feel like you chug some artificial chemicals down your throat. The only thing I didn’t like about it was its spice intensity. But this is more of my preference for not eating spicy foods. I may have just told them next time to omit the chili when I get it from them.

For the Laska, you can taste the strong curry flavor on it. It has tofu, squid balls, and eggs. It is a dish that would make you full when you eat it. The noodles themselves were ok. Not sure if that’s what it was intended or it feels a bit soggy. But I can tell that it wasn’t overcooked.

Overall, I enjoyed both dishes. The serving for Laksa was plentiful. I would wish for the same with Me Goreng. Perhaps request for a bigger version? The Goreng costs 75 pesos, while the Laska at 150. I would probably return there if I have the chance. If only they have the necessary parking space that is. We have to park at Puregold and risk being hit in the road since we have to cross the street. Other than that the place works the trip and it won’t tear a hole in your wallet.

For More Info, you can visit their Facebook Page to know more.