Looking at my posts, I did made a First Impression of the spring 2017. I figured I should at least write my thoughts on some of the Anime’s I have listed here and tell you guys what I though of it. This will be short, since my memory is a bit hazy on the details but I’ll go and explain what made me think about it until now.

Last Spring, Studio Deen released an Anime called Kabukibu! which translated to Kabuki Group, hence the name above. It is a light novel adaptation and it featured a group of kids starting up their own Kabuki club. Interesting topic, not exactly an original idea either. As we all know, Light Novels aren’t exactly flexible when it comes to ideas and starting a club for X has been a troupe for every recent light novels we, or I have seen in a while. Outside of that, Kabuki Group did provide something that most light novel adapted show didn’t have. That is, its a damn capable show.

While there are good light novel shows out there. Whom I can’t remember on top of my head right now. What makes this show tick with me is that the characters aren’t played by for the sake of troupes. Our main MC is this nerdy kid who is straight into making a Kabuki group due mainly to his passion and memories of his late grandfather. But he is played in a way that you won’t get annoyed. He doesn’t come as one dimensional like a shounen protagonist. Albeit, he is respectful toward other characters he want to join the club. He’s persistent, but he knew how to back off when they rejected him multiple times. He doesn’t respond to violence, which can be unnatural but its within his character. But he doesn’t sit idly either. He isn’t also a noob when it comes to Kabuki. But he isn’t a genius either. He’s somewhere between an amateur and an enthusiast. Then he also has a personality outside of Kabuki. Which is my only gripe about, they didn’t cover much about our MC’s persona outside of Kabuki.

Toward other character’s they aren’t push over either. They do start like a character template but the show manage to flesh them out enough that they were given aspiration and issues. I can say they didn’t have equal screen time to explore them. But the main highlight of the show is the rocker wannabe and the rigid kabuki heir. Their the dramarama of the episode, both of which performed their respective share of conflict that spice the show up. Rocker wannabe has his mommy issues whom was affiliated with a fall-from-grace kabuki actor. While the the heir wants to follow the lineage their kabuki legacy. There is this dichotomy of them being good performer but one doesn’t see the value but has that personality to be it. While the other has love and passion but doesn’t have that soul. It culminated before the end when they both showcase their talent at a rehearsal. That scene display their brilliance and their understanding of the craft.

Another aspect that I would like to discuss is the main crux of the show. The Kabuki itself. It is the show’s strong point and weak point. The strong point is that despite my limited knowledge, it did manage to present the Kabuki culture elegantly and respectfully. It also discusses points that is a legitimate for old transitions like Kabuki, particular its perception by the current generation. The show racked the idea of showcasing a traditional and a modern interpretation of Kabuki plays which in turn preserved the essence of the culture, but bring forth the appreciation it need toward the current and future generation. Its a good compromise so that identity for the culture is preserved and kept but recognized and understood to those who didn’t grew on the the traditions. If there’s one thing in this world that is constant that’s is change. Also, death and taxes.

I mentioned Kabuki also what made its downfall. While obscure topics are welcome in Anime. It just happened to land on the wrong place and time. The show aired right after Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen, or basically the Rakugo anime. Another show that covers an obscure Japanese culture of stage storytelling. It’s a very good show and one of the forerunners for the Anime of the year. This brought a high expectation that Kabuki group would carry over that same level of quality Rakugo has. But instead we are presented with a lighter toned show and a school setting to boot. It made the show radioactive and resulted in below average ratings on MAL.

In conclusion, give the show a chance. I wouldn’t say watch it now. But when there’s a season you can’t find a good anime to watch. Then give this one a shot.